Most would rather have Chiefs than a best-of-rest-of-AFC-West team

After conducting a draft of the best players in the AFC West during a recent episode of PFT Live, we had a thought: Would you rather have the Chiefs’ current roster or a roster made up of the best players from the other three teams in the division: The Broncos, Chargers, and Raiders?

The question was posed on Twitter, and more than 40,000 voted. The results showed 58.7 percent choosing the Chiefs, with the other 41.3 percent of the votes going to the hybrid Denver/Los Angeles/Las Vegas franchise.

Simms and I argued about it on Thursday; I prefer the Chiefs, and he’d take the Broncharders. When Peter King joined PFT Live on Friday, after the poll results were final, King agreed that the quarterback seals the deal.

Even though the three-headed franchise would have a highly-talented defense (Joey Bosa, Von Miller, Bradley Chubb, Melvin Ingram, Linval Joseph, Derwin James, Chris Harris Jr., etc. etc.), the quarterback would be Derek Carr or Drew Lock. Lock has superstar potential, but for now Mahomes is clearly the better option. Carr by all appearances has reached his ceiling, and it’s not high enough to end constant speculation that the Raiders are looking to upgrade.

If you didn’t cast a vote in the Twitter poll (or if you did), chime in below. Which squad would you want?